Elastomer Options

The base products for elastomer production are natural and synthetic rubbers. Different temperature, flexibility and durability properties of elastomer materials are mainly dependent on the type of rubber base, the respective mixture composition and the manufacturing process.

The advantages of the various elastomer compounds are utilised in the manufacturing of diaphragms.

The specific design of the DEPA diaphragm has been continuously developed over the years. Moreover, the manufacturing process is of utmost importance for the lifetime of the diaphragm. During the forming process an additional fabric is integrated into this type of diaphragm, which enhances the stability. The vast variety of applications for air operated double diaphragm pumps calls for a wide product range of diaphragm materials.

Versatile multi-purpose diaphragm with very good wear characteristics, high tensile strength and elasticity. Applications: abrasive media, highly diluted acids and alkalies. Application temperature range: -15C - +70C (+5F - +158F)

EPDMEPDM (Nordel®)
Versatile multi-purpose diaphragm for chemicals with high durability, FDA-approved Applications: chemicals, hot water and steam, solvents and alcohols. Application temperature range: -25C - +90C (-13F - +194F)

EPDMEPDM grey (Nordel®)
Food approval (FDA) Applications: food, pharmaceutical, beverage industry Application temperature range: -25C - +90C (-13F - +194F)

Versatile multi-purpose diaphragm for oil containing slurries, Applications: good chemical resistance against mineral oils, grease and fuels Application temperature range: -15C - +90C (+5F - +194F)

Special diaphragm for chemicals and high temperatures. Applications: outstanding resistance against high temperatures, aromatic hydrocarbons Application temperature range: -5C - +120C (+23F - +248F)

FKMSantoprene Nopped S4® Diaphragm
Excellent resistance to mild sodium hydroxide, sulphuric or hydrochloric acids; many solvents and bases. Santoprene® material combines elastomer (EPDM) and polypropylene (PP); thus, it possesses the same flexibility and durability that is characteristic of elastomer components.

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Applications: highest chemical resistance against aggressive media Application temperature range: -5C - +130C (+23F - +266F)

PTFEDEPA E4 PTFE (nopped) compound diaphragm
For highest chemical resistance, lifetime safety, flowrate and cleanliness. Application temperature range : -10C - +130C (+14F - +266F)

For information on the chemical resistance please contact us for assistance. Temperatures are for continous operation.

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