Non Metallic Pumps

Our range of non-metallic pumps are available either injection moulded or machined from solid, and are designed for problem-free pumping of highly corrosive and abrasive products in a wide range of applications. These pumps can also be used up to the maximum pressure of 7 bar.

Non Metallic Pumps

Example industries; galvanic and coating, paper and timber, paint and varnish, pharmaceutical, chemical, plant and mechanical engineering, power stations and waste disposal technology.

  • Range; Series P, product types PM, PP, PL, PV, PT, and TL.
  • PM (moulded) range is available in DL15, DL25 & DL40 sizes
  • PP (solid) range is available in DL15, 25, 40, 50 & 80 sizes
  • PL (solid) range is available in DL15, 25, 40, 50 & 80 sizes
  • PV (solid) range is available in DL15, 25, 40 & 50 sizes

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