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Metallic Pumps - Cast Stainless Steel

DEPA® Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps were developed for the smooth transfer of abrasive, solids-containing and viscous media. Direct pneumatic drive means that no electric-driven motors, base plates and couplings are needed. The compact and efficient designs are easy to transport, making them flexible enough to use on construction sites, in the mining industry, as well as in stationary operations in different industries.

Bodies made of cast aluminium AL 233, ductile iron GGG 40 and cast stainless steel 316L are available so that the pumps can be individually adapted to transfer tasks. The materials for diaphragms, valve seats and valve balls have to be selected from the compatibility list. The units are manufactured in five different sizes (types), with the connections DN 15 - DN 80, which is equivalent to R ½” – R 3”. All pumps are delivered ready for operation and only have to be connected to the main air supply system.

Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for abrasive, viscous and shear-sensitive media, and for products with entrained solids. 
  • Tolerance of dry running and harsh usage.
  • Minimal maintenance with no lubrication required. 
  • Positive displacement pumping action minimises product shear. 
  • Completely enclosed units with no bearings or rotary seals in the product stream. 
  • Air operation means suitability for explosive or hazardous areas. 
  • Easy control of flow rate by regulating air supply. 
  • No need for electric motors, special drives or base plates. 
  • Easily portable and ready to use by simply connecting to air supply. 
  • Can be run against a closed discharge—a vital benefit for use on filling machines. 
  • Self-priming and submersible.
  • Rugged construction in cast aluminium, ductile iron or cast stainless steel.


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