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April 3rd 2024

Building upon the success of the DEPA nopped E4® PTFE Compound Diaphragm, the new DEPA® CLOSED SURFACE DIAPHRAGM SERIES is designed and manufactured in-house and offers the following key features and benefits:

  • EXTENDED LIFETIME The absence of the outer piston reduces wear around the flexing area, increasing diaphragm life.
  • ELIMINATES LEAKS Integrated insert eliminates a potential leak path within the pump. The pre-defined fixing feature of the outer rim design improves safety for both the customer and environment.
  • EASE OF MAINTENANCE Pump maintenance is simplified and requires only hand tightening of the diaphragm. Modular design ensures all diaphragms are interchangeable with all DEPA® pumps.
  • EASY TO CLEAN Clean surface reduces the build-up of impurities, improves flow and increases energy savings.

The closed surface eliminates potential leak path. Due to single piece design surface of the diaphragms, particle entrapment cannot occur, improving significantly the cleanability of the diaphragm. The absence of the outer piston avoids burr-formation on the wetted side of the diaphragm and subsequently improves lifetime.

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DEPA release a new closed surface diaphragm, a one piece design that eliminates particle entrapment, extending the range of the E4® PTFE series.

New Steritec™ Range

A new range of DEPA® SteriTec™ Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps with closed surface diaphragms in O-ring design joins the Depa range family.

Vote for Tomlinson Hall - Pump Industry Awards 2023

Following the 2023 British Pump Industry Awards Judging Session, I am delighted to advise that Tomlinson Hall has been selected as a finalist. 

Our DEPA® Pump and Spare Range Available to Order

We understand that many companies are currently struggling to source and secure delivery of Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a sole distributor of DEPA® products in the UK, Tomlinson Hall has large volumes of stock available directly off the shelf and ready for next day delivery.

Tomlinson Hall’s Export Manager in the Running for Inspiring Female Award

We are delighted to announce that our Export Manager – Shirley Simpson – has been named as a finalist at this year’s North East England Chamber Business Awards.