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Pulsation Dampeners


DEPA air operated diaphragm pumps can be equipped with an active pulsation dampener installed immediately after the pump. This reduces any remaining pulsations to a minimum.

Active pulsation dampeners are particularly suitable for intermittent operating conditions and, due to their integrated control, they automatically adjust to the optimal degree of dampning. A separate air supply is required.

As with the air operated diaphragm pumps one of the focal points during development of the pulsation dampeners was the modular use of common components.

Pulsation dampeners require minimum maintenance and are, depending on the application of the pump, available in the same housing and diaphragm materials as the pump.


As an alternative to the active pulsation dampener DEPA air operated diaphragm pumps can also be supplied with a passive pulsation dampener installed directly after the pump. This type is particularly suitable for continuous operating conditions.

Passive pulsation dampeners are available with different housing material, painted steel, polypropylene or stainless steel and, depending on the design, are fitted with an internal diaphragm. Subject to the pump size, the most suitable pulsation dampener can be selected, to minimise pulsations.


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