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Powder Pumps

The largest Air-Operated Diaphragm Pump in the world (DP 125) with a flow rate of up to 2400 kg (5291 lb/h) at a bulk weight of 60 g (0.1 lb)/l, was developed and manufactured by Crane in cooperation with process industry partners.

Until now, no other pump type has been able to fulfil the specific task settings of the industry in an economical and functional way.

All DEPA diaphragm powder pumps are fitted with specially formed suction and discharge manifolds for favorable flow conditions.

The high flow rate is achieved by good fluidization of the products. Regarding the discharge of granulates and crystalline media, special requirements have to be met. 

Various materials for body, diaphragms, valve seats and valve balls are available.



Cast Iron


Polished Stainless Steel