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Dual Action Pumps

DEPA air operated diaphragm pumps type DZ are mainly used in the textile and paper processing industry.

These dual action pumps are able to transfer two different media independently and simultaneously.

Due to separate connections on the suction and discharge ports the two pumped media are isolated from each other and therefore will not mix.

A typical application in the printing and paint industry is the simultaneous supply of different viscous media to the production line. Amongst the benefits achieved are economy and environmental protection.

All these pumps can be combined with DEPA accessories.

Ideal for simultaneous and independent transfer of two media in one pump. Due to the special design of the suction and discharge connections the transferred media do not mix. 

Main applications:

  • Surface treatment technology
  • Waste water technology
  • Printing industry
  • Paper processing
  • Furniture industry
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